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 ENERGY 2016

An important contribution to the comprehensive economic development of the Republic of Serbia will be brought  by the investment into the energy sector and energy infrastructure modernizing. Following the economic trends, Belgrade Fair organizes also this year, on October 12 – 14, the 12th International Fair of Electric Power, Coal, Gas and Oil, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency ENERGY 2016.

The energy branch brings us a serious investment cycle and the interested investors from EU, USA, Russia and China, ready to invest into the energy system of the Republic of Serbia. As announced by the relevant Ministry of Mining and Energy, construction of a new block of Kostolac Power Station begins soon, which is a capital investement under Chinese assistance. This project is extremely important and it will crucially impact the entire energy system of Serbia, since the data show the electric power consumption will be increased after 2020. In addition to this outstanding project, there are also plans for investment into Štavalj Power Station and the mine, as well as the opportunity for major investment into the renewable energy sources, owing to the Government support, in order to reach the objective by 2020, 27% power production using the renewable energy sources. Currently, among the renewable energy sources Serbia uses mostly the wooden biomass and water flows, which makes just a third of the renewable energy sources’ prospects. Especially unused is the potential of the wind and sun.

The new Energy Law, recently adopted, has fully implemented since January 1, 2015 all measures from the EU Third Energy Package within the Gas and Electric Power Sectors and the renewable energy sources. Thus, the Republic of Serbia becomes the first country in the region that implemented all these regulations, having the highest  advancement in the coordination with the European integrations. 

The Law will also enable a safe and high quality consumer providing with the energy sources, the investment ambient enhancement, the efficient operation of the gas and power market, participation of international parties in the electric power market, as well as the European regulations implementation in this branch.

Additional info about fields of Energy and Environment in Serbia, could be found on the web site of the Europian Integration Office - Goverment of the Republic of Serbia:

NATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR ADOPTION OF THE ACQUIS (2014 - 2018 (click on the link)

-  Pages from 416 to 430 – Energy

(sourcelink to the web site of the Europian Integration Office - Goverment of the Republic of Serbia)


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