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13th October

Festive Auditorium:

13:00-17:00  Conference: Used vehicles management
Organizer: Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection  –
Waste Management Department and Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Centre for Environmental Protection

Stand No. 1406, Town of Cacak and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

12:15 – 12:30  Welcome speech on behalf of the host, Mr Vojislav Ilić, Mayor of the Town of Cacak
12:30 – 13:00  Project Be-Natur – Management of NATURE 2000 locations - about the project, collaboration and partnership, Radojica Gavrilović, Town of Čačak
13:00 – 13-20  Project: Development of primary waste selection on the territory of the Morava region – about the project, Srđan Bošković – Town of Cacak 
13:20 – 14:00  Cocktail
14:00 – 14:30  Strategic goal for the improvement of regional infrastructure, sustainable management of resources and environmental protection; priorities and measures within the Development Strategy of the Raska and Morava regions, Radojka Savić, Katarina Marković -Regional agency for spatial and economic development of the Raska and Morava regions Kraljevo
14:30 – 14:45  Integrated waste management system , Živadinka Milićević –Elementary School Vuk Karadžić, Čačak
14:45 – 15:00  Event EkoFest Čacak 2014, Aneta Petrović –Food and Catering School, Čačak
15:00 – 15:20  The importance of the knowhow for the improvement of the primary waste selection Brankica Simić-JKP Komunalac, Čačak
15:20  – 15:40  Infrastructural projects in environmental protection, Mr Vladimir Pavićević -TMF, Belgrade
15:40 – 16:00  Technological planning of the cutting-edge waste disposals, Prof. dr Mića Jovanović -TMF, Belgrade


Stand No. 1311, HRABRI ČISTAČ Association of Industrial and Hazardous Waste Operators 
12:00    Presentation of firm BREM GROUP d.o.o., Belgrade  -
Own technologies, advantage BREM GROUP
Tanja Jednak, biochemist, M.A.
13:00    Presentation of firm MODEKOLO d.o.o., Belgrade  -
MODEKOLO – services in the environmental protection Dragan Nedeljković, BSc. Eng, Uroš Todorović, BSc Eng, Aleksandra Stanković,BSC Eng


14th October

Festive Auditorium

10,00:12,00  HEINEKEN

12,00:14,00  Conference „Eco standards and education as the condition for competitiveness and sustainable business“
Organiser: Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Conference moderator

                                    Conference announcement, welcome word of the organiser and conference opening 

12.00-12.15                Serbian Chamber, Belgrade Fair, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection


Panel 1:                              Environmental Protection standards – key aspects of competitiveness?
12.15-12.30                            Importance of standards and standardisation in competitiveness and business - Violeta Nešković-Popović, Assistant Direcor , Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS)


13.00-13.15 Importance of applying energy management through the standard
                                             ISO 50001: Environmental and economic benefits for companies
                                             – Luka Naglić, Carbon & Energy Experts,Energy auditor and 
                                             UNIDO consultant for cleaner production

Panel 2:              Education in environmental protection – key aspect of business  sustainability

Knowledge necessary for green jobs and green economy  – analysis from integral environmental perspective  – prof dr Anđelka Mihajlov, Ambassador of sustainable development and human environment, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Education in environmental protection  – prof. dr Jordan Aleksić, Faculty for applied environment Futura, University Singidunum


11,00:16,00    Conference Hall, Hall 1 „Climatic changes / Emission units trading system“
  Conference „Waste recycling in RS, condition and perspective
  Conference „Implementation of legislation in waste management in RS 
  Conference „ Infrastructural projects in environmental protection“
  Conference „Application of biogas in environmental protection“  Organiser: Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
Conference Moderator

16,00-17,00   Institute for Nature Conservatioin of Serbia   

Stand No.1406, Town of Cacak and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy 

11,30 – 12,15  Natural heritage of Ovčar – Kablar Gorge, Dana Majstorović –Tourist Organization Čačak
12,15 – 13,00  Waste management issue in the outstanding environment of Ovčar – Kablar Gorge, Uroš Pantović,Tourist Organization Čačak
13,00 – 13,20  Primary selection of waste and public activity as support in the town of Cacak, Dubravka Luković -JKP „Komunalac“, Čačak
13,30 – 14,00  Project “Be-Natur- better management of NATURE 2000“ locations– Plant waste, Pilot intervention, Eradication of invasive plant species, MSc Jelena Kovačević –Town of Čačak
14,00 – 14,20  Review of biomass technologies as renewable energy source – Serbian potentials, MSc Gorica Ivaniš, MSc Jelena Vuksanović -TMF, Beograd
14,20 – 14,40  Clean and healthy environment, Nedeljko Milosavljević -JKP „Duboko“, Užice
14,40 – 15,00  Management of infectious medical waste in the Public Health Centre Cacak, dr Milka Levajac, Jelena Milović - Public Health Centre Cacak
15,00 –   Cocktail 

Stand No. 1111 Oil Industry of Serbia
-Basic directions of development in the field of energy of the NIS company to be presented, such as building cogeneration modules and the usage of geothermal energy
-Public will be informed with NIS projects in the field of energy, such as building cogeneration modules and the usage of geothermal energy

-Panel discussion including NIS representatives and interested parties


Stand No.1116 Business association Elektromašinogradnja in collaboration with Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Machine Engineering and Faculty of Mining, University of Belgrade and Engineering Faculty, University of Kragujevac  

11,00-11,30 Introduction by the Government representatives, Business association Elektromašinogradnja and festive opening of the Students Workshop
11,30-13,45 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade  – Dunja Grujić
13,45-14,00 Engineering Faculty, University of Kragujevac    –
Miloš Ljubisavljević, Stefan Vojinović, Stefan Pecić and Tomislav Marković
14,00-14,15 Faculty of Machine Engineering, Belgrade
14,15-14,30 Faculty of Mining, Belgrade  – Miroslav Antonić
14,30-14,45 Reviews and messages by representatives of Business association Elektromašinogradnja and awarding of diplomas and money prizes
14,45-15,30 Cocktail 

Stand No. 1401 AGM KNJIGA
11,00-12,00 Conference: Positive examples of environmental energy in the world and Serbia 
Lecturer: Predavač: Slaviša Đukanović, PhD Ecc

Stand No.1311 HRABRI ČISTAČ Association of industrial and hazardous waste operators 
12,00-13,00 Presentation of firm DIMNIČAR a.d., Belgrade – Air protection
Ana Zgonjanin, BSc Eng
13,00-14,00  Presentation of firm PWW DOO NIŠ d.o.o., Niš -
Public – private partnership in practice, Bratimir Nešić , recycling manager


15th October

Festive Auditorium

12,00-14,00 Conference : Waste management in Serbia – the challenges of collecting
Organizers: Greentech, Serbian Chamber of Commerce , KOMDEL
Conference Moderator : Siniša Mitrović, Advisor to President of Serbian Chamber .
12:00 -12:10 Introduction – Representative of Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
12:10- 12:20 Improvement of PET packaging waste collecting Mihail Mateski, General Manager , Greentech DOO.         
12:20 -12:30 Collecting of tins – problems and challenges
Jelena Kiš, Manager Recan fund for tin recycling
12:30 -12:40 The role of operators in development of wastre collecting ,
Vojislav Stanković, General manager , Ekostar pak.
12:40 -12:50 Packaging waste in communal sector ,
Dejan Raonić, Director of JKP Čistoća Kragujevac and President of Komdel Association Board of Directors
12:50 -13:00 Waste collecting in the region – possibilities of applying successful solutions, Tadej Krošlin, General Manager of Gorenje ekologija.
13:00 -13:30 Discussion

STAND No. 1406, Town of Cacak and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

11:30 – 11:50 Natural zeoli-klinoptilolit as an absorbent in improving the quality of water, catalyser in biomass pyrolysis and disinfectant in the tertiary waste water treatment, Prof Dr Nevenka Rajić-TMF, Belgrade
11:50 – 12:10 New challenges in polymer recycling, concrete reinforcement, MSc Nataša  Tomić -TMF, Belgrade
12:10 – 12:30 Lecture in the field of waste water treatment technology, MSc Milena Knežević -TMF, Belgrade
12:30 – 12:50 Application of supercritical fluids in green technologies, Dr Jasna Ivanović-TMF, Belgrade
12:50 – 13:10 Analysis of new pollutant materials in environmental samples , Dr Marina Radišić and MSc Ivana Matić -TMF, Belgrade
13:10 – 13:30 Lignocellulosic material as biosorbents and raw materials for the production of carbon sorbents, Dr Marija Vukčević,dr Biljana Pejić -TMF, Belgrade
13:30 – 14:00 Environmental Protection Programme ,Dragan Nikolić- Town of Cacak
14:00 – 14:30 Project: Development of the primary waste selection on the territory of Morava region, primary selection of waste for better and cleaner living in the Municipalities of Ivanjica and Lucani, Aleksandar Radonjić- Municipality of Ivanjica , Đorđe Tupajić- Municipality of Lucani
14:30 – 15:00 Presentation of Project organised by the Town of Uzice – Waste is not Garbage, Aleksandar Tasić - Town of Uzice
15:00 – Cocktail 

Stand No. 1111 Oil Industry of Serbia
Basic directions of NIS sustainable development 
Public will be informed with investments into NIS projects, environmental protection and waste management
Panel discussion including NIS representatives and representatives of other companies and state institutions


Stand No.1311 HRABRI ČISTAČ Association of industrial and hazardous waste operators 
11:00 – 13:00 Round table – Strategy of waste management and adjusting to EU standards, Peter Hodecek , representative of European waste industry federation  – FEAD,
Aleksandar Vesić – representative of Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental protection, Siniša Mitrović – representative of Serbian Chamber


STAND No. 1406, Town of Cacak and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

11:30 – 11:50 Waste water treatment with natural and modified sepiolites,  Dr Slavica Lazarević- TMF, Belgrade
11:50 – 12:10 Evaluation of valuable metals from electrical and electronic waste, MSc Milisav Ranitović -TMF, Beograd
12:10 – 12:30 Development of the new generation of photocatalysers base on TiO2 for the application in waste water purification, Dr Veljko R. Đokić- TMF, Belgrade
12:30 – 12:50 Research in the field of solar energy at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy ,MSc Anđelika Bjelajac -TMF, Belgrade
12:50 – 13:10 Economy, environmental protection, energy, Market solutions and technological development , prof dr Petar Đukić -TMF, Belgrade
13:10 – 13:30 Project “Be-Natur- better management of NATURE 2000“ locations– Presentation of the national action plan for the species Emberiza hortulana, MSc Jelena Kovačević –Town of Čačak
13:30 – 14:00 GHG modelling on the national level by applying ANN ,Dr Davor Atanasijević-TMF, Belgrade 
14:00 – 14:30 Waste slaughterhouse blood, new choice of biologically active substances and biomaterial , Katarina Bukara, Ivana Kostić, Vesna Ilić, Radica Pravilović, Verica Đorđević, Branko Bugarski -TMF, Belgrade
14:30 – Cocktail


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